Our Work

We are an indigenous youth-led initiative that aims to empower local and indigenous communities in the
management of their ancestral lands
and in responding to socio-ecological challenges through agroforestry, organic farming, and environmental storytelling.

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Regenerating land and culture through indigenous leadership

Healing landscapes and communities with Manobo-Kulamanun indigenous youth

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How Indigenous communities are restoring forests in the Philippines

In this video, 2023 GLF Forest Restoration Steward Amor Paredes introduces Salumayag Youth Collective for Forests, the forest regeneration initiative she co-founded with Indigenous youth leaders on the Philippine island of Mindanao.

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Restoring the planet, one forest at a time

In the Philippines, local and Indigenous communities are reclaiming the stewardship of their ancestral lands through regenerative practices, storytelling and nature-based education.

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Re-Indigenising the Land

Harnessing the guiding light of their traditions and beliefs, the Indigenous Manobo youth of Bukidnon, in the Philippines, are leading the way in preserving their land and culture.

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Forest Walk to Mt. Migsalurayan: Indigenous Women Leading Conservation

Guided forest walk is one of the capstone programs of Salumayag Youth where youth from community deepen their connection with their ancestral forest through a guided walk to the forest areas within their ancestral domain.

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